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Maybe you’re passing through and is in search of much more than what can offer. This page is dedicated to those who are choosing to Manifest their own natural Energy in efforts of reaching out to the mass. Please take your time and browse around, maybe you might find that something that you have been looking for.

Infant & Adult Skin Care


Lola & Doe is a family based company that insist on assuring you get what you’ve searched for. From wonderful body sprays, to soaps and scrubs; this is brand to consult with. It’s all about natural care with Lola & Doe. Check it out for yourself.

Skin Care

Shea Brotha is like no otha’. This butter will have your skin being replenished in the most ethical way. Not only are the butters 100% pure shea butter, but the quantity is unbeatable. This Fair Trade butter should not be passed up. I recommend many and most give it a try… Love YourSelf, Do Butter.

Internal Healing


Heal Thy Self 360 is simply put and straight to point. Heal your temple as a whole at all times. Wholistic and Holistic healing. I absolutely love this brand and fully support the detox. I heal my self 360 and Heal thy Self is the BEST brand to do so.

The Detox is a breakdown of what takes place in the body once you detox/cleanse the digestive system on a micro and macro level.  It covers nutrition and antioxidants during the process and includes a complete 30 Day Detox program.

Vegan Treats

Vegan Vibrationz

Vegan Vibrationz Kitchen is a brand of Organic Gourmet Vegan Cookies. Incorporating truly all natural ingredients, you will enjoy these purely delicious treats. Allow Vegan Vibrationz to show you that indulging in something sweet for your palate doesn’t always have to include harm to your tummy… these cookies are yummy. Now you can even get healthy clothing. Check out the site today!