By subscribing to a ME natural subscription, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You enjoy ME natural!
  • You trust ME natural enough to subscribe.
  • You come back so much that you now want it automatically mailed at your (confirmed address) without hassle.
  • You embrace the journey and can’t wait to receive your essentials and save money at the same time!

How does it work: With your permission, you will receive your first initial combination of choice automatically mailed to your front door. 10 weeks after your initial start (subscription) date [ or to your expectation ], your subscription payment must clear (including order process time); you will receive that same combination at your door hassle free. [CLICK HERE to see listing]

What does that mean: After you receive your first subscription combination you are on a 10 week or of choice, endless payment cycles.

i.e.: 10 weeks = nearly 2 months apart.

i.e.: endless payment cycles = funds will automatically withdraw from your account (that you initiated the subscription with) every 10 weeks and will end when you cancel subscription.

What if I want to change the items within my subscription during the term: Yes! If you would like to swap and/or switch around some of the items within your subscription, in advance before your billing cycle, send ME natural an email with the specific items you’d like in your subscription(apply once every 2 shipments only), that’s it ( the balanced shall be added or invoiced to you ) ! The embedded shipping and discounts will apply!

How many shipments in total per subscription: From your initial shipment you will receive endless shipments until you cancel your subscription. **Do keep in mind you can always request a personalized subscription that will go as long as you’d like or end whenever you like. Min of 3 shipments.

How do I track my shipments: You will always receive a tracking number from ME natural via your email. All packages (processing time is 4-7 business days) are securely mailed PRIORITY 2-3 day through the United States Postal Service. Subscription updates are emailed sporadically once a month, though always in advance.

What if I want SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION: If you would like to have/add SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION to your subscription order please contact ME natural directly to create your personalized subscription.

What if I change my mind: You have the right to change your mind with ME natural subscriptions. Keep in mind what you have mailed to your door can be catered specifically to your liking with the exact items you’d like and the billing and cycles as well. Beyond that feel free cancel to ME natural, as a courtesy, prior to automatic payment of your subscription.

How to initiate subscription: Once you have selected your subscription type, on the review page click on the button and be redirected to PayPal. Next, log into your PayPal account or create a new PayPal account. Then complete the transaction.

How to CANCEL your subscription: Log into your > PayPal account < on the “Profile and Settings” page then choose “My money”, next find “My pre-approved payments” and click on the “Update” link. Locate the business (ME natural) and click “Cancel” in the details profile.

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