Pearl ME Teethpaste™ combo

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This is a nature packed combo for natural beings. With activated charcoal, getting those teeth Pearled is the goal. Naturally! Get your Own results. A little will take you a long way…need I say Moor? Remove those images of what teeth should be like and get your teeth back right. Smile and know that nature is the real Manifest…and NOthing less. System loaded and locked. From ME naturals you rock!

Pearl ME Teethpaste™ Suggested Use:

1.) For CONTINUAL natural paste users i.e. if you have never used a natural paste your first purchase should NOT be Pearl ME.

2.) If you are a CHILD, have BRACES, or your first purchase is Pearl ME… do NOT allow to sit on teeth.  Instead brush as you would a normal paste.

3.) Per every Pearl ME Teethpaste jar (2-3 month) use in completion, re-up and use Teethpaste Sensitive/OriginAL jar (2-3 month) use in completion twice before use of Pearl ME Teethpaste again.

Pearl ME Teethpaste™: Let’s start this journey from this site, get that smile RIGHT! Activate the true you…reNEW your smile in a positive way. This original teethpaste combined with adding the enhancement of activated charcoal’s carbon also cleans teeth by removing acidic plaque is the best to offer! Remove those stains, we have nature to gain… we’ll call it Pearled.

Teethrinse Flavors:

The Honey flavored rinses are smoother with a bit of sweet

Teethrinse: Mouthwash? Well this is a Teeth Rinse. Give your mouth a rest, ME teethrinse keeps your breath fresh! This is a rinse cycle that targets your mouth and everyday issues, none of these ingredients will leave you confused. Tea tree kills fungi and bacteria in your mouth. Let’s refresh your grill with ingredients that are REAL.

Use in morning and night for best results

Keep 78° and below in dark area


****Pearl ME Teethpaste™:


Use like your normal oral care


Keep container closed at all times


Use TOP of teethrinse bottle for portion control it works!

Include Teethrinse flavor in order notes. (default flavor is mint)


Each option must be individually added to cart.



Includes: 1 Pearl ME Teethpaste Net Wt. 3.90oz and/or 7.90oz and 1 mint Teethrinse Net Wt. 4.35oz and/or 9.30oz


Pearl ME Teethpaste™: calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, spring water, true cinnamon, activated charcoal, aloe vera gel, manuka honey, unrefined coconut oil, clove powder, peppermint powder, sage, essential oils ( clove bud, lemon, peppermint ), sea salt. { 3 month shelf life } Includes 1 application stick

Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils ( lemon, tea tree, myrrh ), and/or manuka honey, sea salt. { 3 month shelf life}

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Pearl ME Teethpaste, teethrinse 4.35oz, Pearl ME Teethpaste, teethrinse 9.30oz, Pearl ME Teethpaste 7.90oz, teethrinse 9.30oz, –add sweetness to a teethpaste, –add sweetness to a 4.35oz teethrinse, –add sweetness to a 9.30oz teethrinse, –add 4.35oz teethrinse to combo, –add 9.30oz teethrinse to combo

6 reviews for Pearl ME Teethpaste™ combo

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ibeckles (verified owner)

    I am getting ready to add another jar to my cart. I didn’t use the first one before the expiration date. But I love this product you start noticing a difference very soon. I love that it is made with natural ingredients. It doesn’t burn or oddly tingle like store brand products. Thank you for making this for us!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tut El Bey

    The toothpaste is Ammazing! I love it, it’s so different & unique. Never tasted a mouthwash like the way ME Naturals creates hers. I really enjoy the tastes. I can now have fun waking up in the AM & brushing my teeth lol

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Habibah Bey (verified owner)

    I love the combo, the products work well together…can’t have one without the other. My mouth has never felt moor clean and fresh. I used to make my own oral care products but now I can use my time on other things while I manifest. Thankh you for making great all natural oral care.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kendrick Marquez

    This combo is next to amazing. Thank you queen for making such a unique product! I am very pleased with how clean my teeth feel and the rinse is a great finish. You are missing out if you don’t have this product, trust me. And it lasts way longer than regular toxic toothpaste. Give back to yourself

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had been looking for some natural toothpaste without all those nasty toxins and glad that I came upon this jewel of a product. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and my mouth has never felt so fresh, moving my tongue over my teeth after brushing and rinsing is such a good feeling. This does the job tenfold without all the unnecessary additives. Peace and prosperity to you Queen for such an amazing product, I look forward to continuing to try all your other products, also.

  6. Rajohn (verified owner)

    If you love the teethpaste or the teeth rinse then I know you’ll love this combo, when you buy either one you might as well just get you the Combo deal, These 2 product’s work uniquely & perfectly with eachother for all of your oral hygiene & Moor Me Naturals is your Solution !

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