ReMEneralize Teethpaste™ combo


There’s no ‘I’ in team. Can teethpaste work without teethrinse? Indeed, but this combo kit is unified for the cause. Unified for the overall wellness of your mouth. Jam packed with minerals, this combination is sold together only. The mouth, normally moist, is lined with a mucous membrane, and contains the teeth. ReMEneralize Teethpaste combo is to maintain one of your prized assets for the primary role as the beginning of the digestive system. Though it’s been a while, look no further. Let the REAL you shine through!

ReMEneralize Teethpaste™ Suggested Use:

1.) 1st time natural paste users and continual natural paste users.

2.) Highly recommended for oral care issues and smokers of all types.

3.) Per every ReMEneralize Teethpaste jar (2-3 month) use in completion, re-up and use Teethpaste Sensitive/OriginAL jar (2-3 month) use in completion once before use of ReMEneralize Teethpaste again.

Keep 78° and below

Keep in containers in dark area out of light to preserve

Use in morning and night for best results


**ReMEneralize Teethpaste:

Thoroughly brush your teeth(front/back), tongue, and (gently)gums for 1 minute up to 2 minutes

**ReMEneralize Teethrinse:

SHAKE before each use

1 teaspoon

Rinse and gargle for 1 minute up to 2 minutes




ReMEneralize Teethpaste: calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, sodium bicarbonate, spring water, unrefined coconut oil, true cinnamon, manuka honey,  food-grade diatomaceous earth, clove powder, myrrh powder, calcium-magnesium, activated charcoal, turmeric, trace minerals, essential oils ( peppermint, oregano, lemon), sea salt 3.90 oz{3 month shelf life} Includes 1 application stick

ReMEneralize Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food-grade peroxide, manuka honey, witch hazel, clove powder, myrrh powder, calcium-magnesium, trace minerals, essential oils ( lemon, sweet orange ) 4.35oz {3 month shelf life}

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ReMEneralize Teethpaste, (1)ReMEneralize Teethrinse, ReMEneralize Teethpaste, (2)ReMEneralize Teethrinse, ReMEneralize Teethpaste 7.0oz, (2) ReMEneralize Teethrinse


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