Internal Healing

Heal Thy Self 360 is simply put and straight to point. Heal your temple as a whole at all times. From parasite cleanses & liver flushes; to yoni sitz baths & child safe detoxes I absolutely love this brand and fully support the detox. I heal myself 360 and Heal thy Self is the BEST brand to do so.

Black Root Tonic is a superior herbal compound that has the chemical affinity which is compatible to that of the African/Indigenous Biological Makeups. The minerals in Black Root Tonic actually heal and free up those pathways that allow for necessary frequencies to be received and delivered. Cleanse your blood with BECC.

The Art Of Life is a sophisticated website with information of wellness. Carrying high quality Sea moss and Sea moss gel, The Art of Life brings you to awareness through minerals. Awareness is a choice; it is The Art of Life.

Skin care

Therapeutic Awakening

Therapeutic Awakening bring more awareness to the importance of self-care, mental health and wellness.  Therapeutic Awakening to help people like you relax and de-stress; without having to go to a spa or other outside locations.

The Jambalaya Moon is an Exotic Boutique –Specializing in VIP Client Service, Lifestyle Pleasure and Luxury. Discretion Certified.

Shea Brotha is like no otha’. This butter will have your skin being replenished in the most ethical way. Not only are the butters 100% pure shea butter. This Fair-Trade butter should not be passed up. Do Butter…

Hair care


Annabelle’s Perfect Blend consists of some of thee best handmade deep conditioners and hair oils made with quality ingredients.


A Faith Based Brand looking to apply faith in Yah and love of watches to help encourage growth. The mission of Divine Timing is to help each person realize our lives operate in Divine Timing With Our Creator.


Winner’s Circle Entertainment a Detroit, Mi based company lets you “drive”. Sales & team building with BIG R/C cars & portable racetrack, PITCREW setup door2door ACTION! Providing interactive racing games for private and public events nationwide. #DETROITRACK