All Lives Matter | You matter most

All lives matter, but you matter most! This has been a major movement within a quote before this new decade; we are about to embark upon. Numerous people have touched on the topic and even went as far to give speeches about why all lives matter! But, not many have focused in on the life of the individual. It’s not always about the people, more so the person. We matter in the topic of the all! Life doesn’t always have to be consumed by the all if we each take close care of our self. Then, all lives that matter would be cured! Yes there is a cure, a remedy, a solution; for all lives matter. Read further for this straight to the point article about why you matter most in the cure to all lives matter.

All lives matter?

Let’s take a brief look at self. Pause! Before you read on ask yourself, “Why do I matter most to all lives matter?” Well first things first is because you are a MVP in this dimension. Each of us rotate around one another in our individual lives that play a huge part to the whole. Without you there would be a missing link in the puzzle of life. Just image how all lives matter in the wild. Every single animal in the wild matter to the survival of the next. One extinction of an animal could cause a ripple effect of famine and life changes among the other animals. All lives matter? Another example, because this world down play those who matter most, is the sanitation worker i.e. the garbageman. Just think, if no one wanted to drive around town and remove waste and recyclables. What about those who just do not have the time because they too are in the world playing their part to the entire picture. Or even more removing waste for those who do not want to simply dispose of their own trash. Better yet, waste removal has become a career in this economical system. Taking that position away from those who were integral enough to do the job would bend the transfer of wealth. This too is a billion dollar industry. The sanitation worker matters, all lives matter, you matter most!

All lives matter only because you are part of it. In general the word ‘lives’ is a plural tense of the word ‘life’, which concludes it takes many different people in life to create lives. You are important. The part you play is important. Your life is very important. There are billions of people in the world but without you what would the world be?

All lives matter and you matter most. Take yourself serious on all levels. Fix the things in your life that will assist you with resurrecting the inner you. You matter most! Rid those around you who do not add to life and the benefits within it. Examine you for the worth and wealth you bring to the world. Be freed my Peoples. All lives matter and you matter most.

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