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Being Honest with YourSelf
Being Honest with YourSelf
      I'm more than positive that you've heard the quote, "The TRUTH will set you free." Well...why haven't you set your SELF free yet? "I AM free!" Are you? How...
When Thoughts Become Reality | Poetry
When Thoughts Become Reality | Poetry
When thoughts become reality they are moveable...Hear me move. The Love EyE Found The Love EyE found I once thought it couldn't possibly exist...but it does It was, Just not...
How to Become | Confident
How to Become | Confident
     "I CAN DO WHATEVER I PUT MY MIND TO," "I AM WHOEVER I WANT TO BE," "I AM SUCCESS!" Confident...a superior factor in the world. It is one...
Animals | Out of Elements
Animals | Out of Elements
         The world of ANIMALS in so many elements. At one point in time I compared myself to a type of animal for what that stage in...
Shelf Life and the Effects
Shelf Life and the Effects
I wonder if you have ever really took the time out to comprehend what Shelf Life means. Why? Because nearly every thing on this planet has a shelf life. How...
How to Wash Clothes | White
How to Wash Clothes | White
It's funny how you think you know something and at a certain point you realize you may not have known much at all. You may have been told or taught...
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