A New Way of Natural

Welcome to a new way of natural…. or being natural. But first we must take a look at what the word ‘Natural‘ means. ‘Natural‘ is existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind via www.oxforddictionaries.com . Now that we know what the definition is we can now look at natural in today’s functionality. Since we, at this time, are not in the wilderness we must adapt. So existing in nature is complacent for the Being’s returning back to what we were unknowingly removed from. Returning back to our natural state of being is the motive. Which is caused by nature, so we are halfway there. Not made is sort of impossible due to the fact that we now, being out existing in nature, have to simplify our way of life ourselves. Being caused by humankind is something we can control. We can take back control of our situation and restore our existence. Is this making any since?

Let’s get back to ‘A new way of natural’..

Being natural can be FUN! All you have to do is live in the now. Just wake up refresh and go! You don’t have to deal with the ego side of Self with over analyzing your image in the mirror. Being too judgmental of Self by attempting to alter your image, the real You. Get back to self. Returning back to a childlike mind. Seriously what does a child really have to worry about? NOTHING but following the rules and regulations that its MA’ther and Father give. It’s that simple! And since it is that simple that’s what brings ME to the moral of the story….

Why Natural?

  1. Simple and less is always better when it comes to all natural products (necessities). If purchasing pay attention to the substance of the item.
  2. Products made from nature or plant based produced ingredients can have a positive environmental impact and can be both very effective in promoting healthy skin.
  3. The skin absorbs between 60% to 90% of what you put on it, so be mindful.
  4. Natural products (necessities) don’t necessarily have to be tested on animals depending on who makes or manufactures the items.

Many natural products work better than their conventional counterparts because they don’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants. And while some unnatural products may seem to work better with the first try, over the long-term, the harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage. Protect your temple, vessel, body… however you see your outer shell. It is time to real’ize what nature and being natural is all about.

Eco-friendlyBeing or returning natural is a universal way of life. It begins with you and extends outward towards the ‘You’niverse. When dealing in natural law, natural can also be defined as a product or a process that’s environmentally friendly. That is why your natural body care must be Eco-friendly. It is becoming Self’-less. Knowing that today is here but what will tomorrow be if we continue to see only Self. Eco-friendly is showing the world you care about the future and everything that exist within it.

A new way of natural‘ is taking the time to get to know who you are again. Seeing the real you and allowing it to shine through. Bringing your inner essence outward. Stop allowing this world to define who you really are. Everyone faces their true Self whether they would like to or not. No one wakes up glammed up to the typical expectation of what society has configured it to be.

Natural is from nature and nature is omnipresent. Giving your essence to the all, the everywhere. You don’t necessarily have to go live in nature to bring forth that omnipresence. But you do have to return back to your natural state of being and it is at that point you will find your path to proceed. PROTECT yourself at all times. Protection isn’t always prescribed by a literal physical weapon. Your body needs the right protection. So instead of walking around in a bubble of NOthing, treat your body with Tender Love and Care and you will be doing just fine. Always remember…If you don’t love yourSelf first, how can you love anything else.

What’s in the ME store?

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