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Copper cleaning with

How to clean copper?

Did you know how easy it was to clean copper? First just so you know why this is possible. Copper goes through a slow process of oxidation caused by oxygen in the air. The reaction produces a brown, black compound or blue green sulfur that we know as tarnish. Lemon contains a natural acid that dissolves the coating of the tarnish that forms on the outside surface of copper.

This natural process is what makes these few steps on cleaning copper so cool and important. In this situation you can restore copper back to its shiny coat again within 30 minutes.

Follow these four easy steps to have your copper last you nearly a lifetime!

4 steps to clean:

Step 1: Gather at least two lemons, a glass bowl that suites your needs and the desired copper ( Shop – Copper Tongue Scrapers ) you want to remove tarnish.

Step 2: Place the desired copper inside of the glass bowl.

Step 3: Slice the lemons in half and squeeze all of the juice enough to cover the copper inside.

Step 4: Allow to sit for 30 minutes or until tarnish fades away. It is also helpful to rotate copper around in glass bowl in order to remove tarnish from either side.

…..Thats it!

All you need to do from here rinse pour out lemon juice into sink and run copper with cool water. Remove the copper from the glass bowl and towel pat dry the in order to remove any moisture that remain from the cleaning process. Lastly enjoy the fruits of nature taking its course. Here is how to clean copper, simple. Thank me later.

Check out this cool BEFORE & AFTER TikTok video on how to clean copper video below:

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