Largest human body organ | Skin

Wow! The largest human body organ… the Skin. Can you really just imagine your skin in its entire function?! The skin is like a casing for your bones, internal organs, and all other important bodily assets. But guess what the gag wasn’t! Did you know that your skin is the largest living organ that make up the human body? Wait… allow me to really insight a few key factors on the importance of the Largest human body organ | the Skin.

Largest human body organ #101:

The 3 important layers of the Skin.

The 3 layers that make up the Skin are…

  • The Epidermis is the outer layer of cells that make up the skin. The deepest part of the epidermis also contains melanocytes. These cells produce melanin, which gives the skin its color.
  • The Dermis is the inner layer of skin, that contains blood and lymph vessels, hair follicles, and glands. These glands produce sweat, which helps helps keep the skin from drying out.
  • The Hypodermis is the deepest section of the skin. The hypodermis refers to the fat tissue below the dermis that insulates the body from cold temperatures and provides shock absorption. Fat cells of the hypodermis also store nutrients and energy.

It’s always good knowing the key factors about the largest human body organ, which is the skin. Take into consideration the different parts of the skin and how they can all be individually effected. How can the largest human body organ be effected? Through absorption. Feeding your internal body daily; do you properly feed your external organ that regenerates itself.. Wouldn’t you want your living self regenerating skin eating good as well? Keep in mind the different types of human body organ applications such as: Skin care, Body care, Hair care, & Foot care.

“Clinically it is a matter of common knowledge that certain substances in solution are readily absorbed through the intact skin, …” -Vernon A. Wilkerson. Does that cause for a immediate panic and rush to the store for the first thing you think appear safe without making an aware and considerate decision? No. Respect the largest human body organ… respect the Skin you are in. To maintain beautiful skin… the structures and functions of the skin must be supplemented and protected. This is a right to take charge and that means with taking all things placed on the human body into consideration. That’s it! Read labels and know the know, you know!?

The largest human body organ… The Skin!

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