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Bathe & Body bath soak


B. sodaBaking soda relieves itchy skin in a bath. Indulging in a baking soda detox bath every once in a while is good for your skin since it helps in purging your body of toxins. Baking soda is also used to soak tired feet. It relieves foot itch. Baking soda will clean your tootsies and also soften the skin.

clayBentonite clay can be added to your bath water and used as a soaking liquid, binding to the toxins that are dispelled from your skin. The clay leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and less inflamed.

calendula Calendula reduces inflammation and promotes wound healing. It has been seen effective in treatment of skin ulcerations, eczema, juvenile acne and dry phthiriasis. Calendula has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which helps with athletes foot prevention. It is also wonderful in the treatment of warts, corns and calluses.

sea saltDead Sea salts is a nutrient rich salt combats stress and fluid retention, calming the nervous system. It increases circulation and strengthens bones and nails. Energizing the body, dead sea salt helps to balance skin moisture and is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense exercise. It eases muscle stiffness and relax muscles.

saltEpsom salts often used as a soaking solution. The salts are often used in bath salts, foot soaks, body scrubs, soaps and aromatherapy products. Using a powerful mineral base such as Epsom salts in a bathwater medium creates a process called reverse osmosis. This process pulls salt and harmful toxins out of the body and allows the magnesium and sulfates to enter into the body. It may assist with feet and toe fungal problems like athlete’s foot.

Himalayan Pink Salt is detoxifying in a bath. . Naturally rich in 80+ nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals, the replenishing nutrients stimulate circulation and soothe sore muscles. Bathing in pink bath salt is a healing and therapeutic experience for mind & body.

lavenderLavender contains powerful antioxidants that can fight against the harmful effects of pollutants on the skin. Adding either oil or fresh buds to a hot bath will promote relaxation and ease tired muscles, treat circulation disorders, and improve mental well being. By inhalation, lavender is used as aromatherapy for insomnia, pain, and agitation related to dementia.

Soothe, soak, relieve, release, and replenish with ME natural Bathe & Body bath soak. Bathing in these herbs gives you a nature outdoor feels in the comfort of your own home. A bath soak that soothes the body, clears the pores, and relaxes the muscles. With many benefits; this soak will relieve, release, and replenish.

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– Prepare water as warm as you can stand
– Pour (desired amount) soak under running water AND/OR….
– Pour (desired amount) soak in bath bag under running water and let float in tub
– Soak for 20-30 minutes 1 day a week for best results

– Make sure to sip on water all through or you might feel terribly dehydrated


Hers: epsom salt, dead sea salt, bentonite clay, sodium bicarbonate, himalayan pink salt, hawaiian black salt, essential oils (lavender, camphor), herbs (calendula, lavender).

His: epsom salt, dead sea salt, bentonite clay, sodium bicarbonate, himalayan pink salt, hawaiian black salt, essential oils (pine needle, camphor), herbs (calendula, patchouli).

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Additional information

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Hers lavender scent 4.40oz, Hers lavender scent 11oz, Hers orange/lavender scent 4.40oz, Hers orange/lavender scent 11oz, His pine 4.40oz, His pine 11oz, His lime/pine 4.40oz, His lime/pine 11oz

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