Herb-All ME (shampoo & conditioner)

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Purchase and get 7-26 Points - a worth of $0.07-$0.26

This oil-based shampoo and conditioner set is a chemistry of all herbs. Best used on Natural untreated/ unprocessed hair, brittle beards/edges, dry hair, locs, etc. Absorb herbs into your skin and this is a WIN!! Non-Toxic, Alcohol Free, Fragrance free, CHILD SAFE!

Herb-All Shampoo: Is oil based and Sulfate FREE. This shampoo can be used to thicken the hair, stimulate and improves circulation to the scalp thus encouraging hair growth.  “Take out what’s dirty and leave what’s clean.”

Herb-All Conditioner: Is oil based and Paraben FREE. This conditioner enriches hair growth, nourishing and strengthening hair follicles. Full of the essentials that your heir needs, what your hair lacks this conditioner may restore.

(If you have nut allergy please inquire about adjustments before purchase)
((Please allow 1-2 days for shampoo & conditioner prep))

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Herb-All Shampoo:
Apply on DRY hair (working from scalp to ends of hair)
Focus attention to scalp and lather throughout entire head

Herb-All Conditioner:
Apply to hair as needed
Message into scalp and hair

—If refrigerated please continue for the duration of the product (2-3 month shelf life)-
—If kept at 76° ROOM TEMPERATURE non moist area, please continue for the duration of the product(1 month and 1 week shelf life)-


Herb-All Shampoo: distilled water, castile soap, aloe vera gel, vegetable base emulsifying wax, herbs(alma berry powder, clove, hibiscus, rosemary leaves, soap nuts), extra virgin olive oil, macadamia oil, essential oils (clary sage, rosemary extract, tea tree),  Net Wt. 8.45oz {1 month & 1 week shelf life}
Herb-All Conditioner:
distilled water, vegetable base emulsifying wax, unrefined coconut oil, aloe vera gel, avocado oil, refined mango butter, local raw honey, almond oil, vitamin E oil, herbs (alma berry powder, black tea, horsetail shavegress powder, sage leaves, shikakai powder), rosemary extract. Net Wt. 9.45oz {1 month & 1 week shelf life}

Hydrate ME hair follicle spray: distilled water, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, hibiscus flower, saw palmetto powder, slippery elm bark powder, marshmallow root herb, clove bud herb, orange essential oil, helichrysum essential oil, extracts, rosemary extract. Net Wt. 4.30oz (1 to 2 month shelf life)
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6 reviews for Herb-All ME (shampoo & conditioner)

  1. Lynasia King (verified owner)

    Me and my daughter love this conditioner for wash day ! It provides our hair with the essential minerals and leaves it looking nice , healthy , and moisturized. I’m running low so I gotta get more before the next wash day ! Thank you me natural! I love the amount of care you put in your products!

  2. ads0727

    The shampoo is LIFE!! It softens and detangles my hair within minutes. As a naturalista, this was like liquid gold to me. It really does fortify and strengthen the hair! ? my favorite product.

  3. Brandon R. (verified owner)

    I was previously using Equate’s 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner prior to purchasing this product. I have migrated toward using natural products and saw that this product was 100 percent natural. Once I started using it, I noticed that the shampoo caked up in my hair after washing. I had to do a thorough rinse to remove the shampoo from my hair as it appeared white at first. I have very short hair, so I am aware that everyone has different experiences with hair care products. Overall, I believe it is a safe, healthy product to use for my hair and should see positive results over time.

  4. Kierre Ballard

    You can’t just buy one have to cash out on both my brotha or sistsa… Best shampoo and conditioner I ever used even before I was vegan. Hair never dries out and the scent last the whole day plus a little bit in the morning so you most definitely will bee getting some compliments. Don’t hesitate with ME buy this right now I mean like right now works like a slave.

  5. Alberto (verified owner)

    Now this stuff right here!?!?! Cured me from a really frizzy & damaged looking curly hair! And when it dries out….It doesn’t! When I looked in the mirror I thought….When did I put gel on? lol. I knew to trust it even if the shampoo was not producing suds, I had a feeling that’s just the habit I had from using chemical-esque hair products.AND THEY NEVER WORKED! NEVER!!!! ME Naturals has no idea how much I love them for this!

  6. Ra-El Bey

    Cleansed me for the final time today. Now if you are wondering whether to buy the product. Walk with me for a bit as I shed some clarity on the shampoo & conditioner b/c I’ve been using it over a month now.

    The shampoo, at first it feels like it does not produce enough suds or a soapy feel to clean your head. Don’t fret, this shampoo works wonders just the way it is. Its freaking powerful. Every time I wash my hair with this shampoo. My hair starts getting a thicker feel, hair be growing quick as kale. I use it for my beard & the unseen bush now. Lol Man! I be feeling cleansed with this shampoo. Love the texture it gives, an earthy feel.

    Now this conditioner is amazing. Its the right type of thick. When you add it to your hair. It takes care of the scalp & the hair. No hungry looking hair with this conditioner. Smells like you stook your head in some dirt that had some lovely flowers growing out of it. You have to get them both to feel the duo work together. Your hair stays soft and fed even after you wake up out your bed. I will get me another batch when Im done with my current one. Thanks ME Naturals for such a lovely creation 🙂

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