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Wake ME up kit


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The cleanser will remove dirt & negative energy, while the moisturizer protects your face and your shield. The toothpaste will maintain your teeth, and the mouthwash shall seal the deal! “Wake ME up” is a complete manifest to the face for a morning refreshing feel.


•  Teethpasteto clean and maintain teeth and tongue.

•  Teethrinse to rinse teeth of debris and refresh breath.

•  Face wash to clean and remove dirt without stripping the skin.

•  Effulgent emollient a light moisturizer toner to protect skin from outside elements.

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Includes: Revive ME face kit – Honey bee Face wash Net Wt. 2.40oz, 1 Face emollient Net Wt. 1.20oz.

TeethpasteOriginAL Net Wt. 3.90oz,  Teethrinse Mint Net Wt. 9.30oz


ReMEneralize Teethpaste™ Net Wt. 3.90oz,  ReMEneralize (peppermint, oregano) Teethrinse Net Wt. 9.45oz


– See individual kits for ingredients and usage
– Use when you wake up and before bed for best results

Additional information

Additional information

Kit type

OriginAL paste, Mint rinse, face wash, face moisturizer,, ReMEneralize paste, ReMEneralize rinse, face wash, face moisturizer, –add sweetness to paste, –add sweetness to Mint rinse

Reviews (1)

1 review for Wake ME up kit

  1. Ariel T.

    Ordered the kit two months ago when it was called “IAMME” kit which included the same items as the Wake ME Up. Iwas very excited to try all of the products but i mostly purchased the kit for the toothpaste, so ill begin my experience with that first.

    Toothpaste (regular):
    taste like Cinnamon, and “tree bark” (not an insult) just my honest initial reaction, I didn’t like how the herbs got stuck within my teeth (at first) but I’m use to it and fine with it now, because its a reminder that I’m am using 100% NATURAL INGREDIANTS. As a daily smoker I wish it left your breath feeling/SMELLING clean (minty). other then that I love the toothpaste MY MOUTH ALWAYS FEELS CLEAN AFTER USE! I love it’s powdered form it last a lot longer.

    I honestly only used it for 3 days because my armpits smelled so bad once I began to sweat. The deodorant itself has a pretty strong smell (I didn’t care to much for it) I believe the ingredients used are personally not compatible with my sweat glands (nodes).

    Facial Moisturizing Soap:
    I used this one more often, mainly in the mornings and at night in the shower. My Face is naturally a little oily, my pores absorb any and every type of moisture, so although my face felt clean, I noticed that my skin became more oily over the course of use. I AM NOT SAYING IT MADE MY FACE OILIER because many things contribute to that such as unhealthy diets and lifestyles, that is the only reason i stopped using it, otherwise I love it!

    Mouth Wash:
    LOL I literally choked the first time I tried it because 1.I have gag reflex and drank to much at once. 2. THE FLAVOR! was not expecting it to taste the way it did, can’t even describe it but it totally through me off (still conditioned to the taste of fluride based products) I never used it after that day.

    OVERALL this has been my first experience trying out all natural products, and will admit that I really didn’t know what to expect. Even though I didn’t use all the products I have Spoken to the creator on several occasions and she is ALWAYS WILLING TO IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTS FOR YOU, that why I will remain a loyal customer!!! Just be open minded to this natural journey and overstand that you will have try a few different things until you find what works for you!

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