3 steps | How to Properly Brush Your Teeth Now

Properly brushing your teeth now isn’t as difficult of a task after all. Brushing your teeth is the most important action you can take of the day. A minimal amount of brushing is once in the morning and once in the night. Completing this oral hygiene method twice a day will help maintain a clean smile at minimum. Knowing how to properly brush your teeth is key to the longevity of sustaining the teeth.

Floss the teeth before you brush.

Flossing your teeth before you brush is proper etiquette. Removing unseen plaque and food debris from between the teeth not only enhance your brushing experience but decrease bacteria from forming around the gumline. Though it may take more time than usual, be sure to floss between every single tooth that you have. Even if you think nothing is between your teeth, trust me, there is.

The best way to brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth properly involves using a toothpaste that will assist in protecting the wellness of your mouth in entirety. What you brush your teeth with is a factor in the outcome of the appearance of your teeth and the freshness of your breath. Consider adding a herbal toothpaste in your brushing regimen such as ME natural Teethpaste that contains minerals such as calcium phosphate, zinc and more. How to properly brush your teeth takes 3 to 4 minutes per brush. Read these 3 steps on how to properly brush your teeth.

Step 1:

Begin with the front or outsides of your teeth. With your top teeth hold the toothbrush in a downward motion as to brush away from the gumline. With your bottom row hold the toothbrush in an upward motion, brushing up and away from the gumline. Brushing towards the gumline can cause gum recession.

This gentle motion helps with lowering the amount of plaque to build up around the gumline. Allowing plaque to form on the gumline can cause gingivitis and developed tooth decay.

Step 2:

Open your mouth to properly brush the inside of your teeth. The inside of your mouth is where you have to pay close attention and spend more time. Begin brushing the incisors, canines and premolar teeth for at least 30 seconds. Though these teeth are minimally used a helpful brush won’t hurt. Be sure not to brush your teeth too hard.

Step 3:

Last but not least we have the infamous back molar teeth. This area of the mouth normally gives people a hard time based off the wear and tear from chewing. Food is grinded and pressed on the back teeth to break down for proper digestion. This action takes place every single day that you choose to eat. Make sure to brush in, out and all around your back teeth a minimum of 30 to 40 seconds a piece.

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The results of proper brushing.

Give attention to each individual tooth by brushing and thinking about each individual tooth as you brush. Knowing how to properly brush your teeth is a sign of mental, physical and spiritual wellness. You only get one set of teeth in life, take the best care of them while they are still intact. A smile is beautiful, yet when a person opens their mouth, it tells the real truth of the care of their smile. Take your time to properly care for your teeth. The longer your teeth last the happier you will fee and the healthier you can eat. You can’t crunch on fruit and vegetables without teeth. Let’s manifest my Folks…

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