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Teethpaste™ Suggested Use:

Sensitive: 1st time and migrating to natural oral care. i.e. if this is your first time using a natural paste. (recommended for braces)

OriginAL: For CONTINUAL natural paste users i.e. if you have never used a natural paste your first purchase should be SENSITIVE.

– Keep containers closed at all times
Both Teethpaste and Teethrinse 90 day expire

– Use like you would your general toothpaste.

Use TOP of mouthwash bottle for portion control it works!

– Use in morning and night for best results
– Store at 78° and below keep in dark area cool area


Good for sensitivity of the teeth and gums. Works to prevent plaque buildup, bad breath, and accumulating bacteria while maintaining the appearance of healthy teeth


Teethpaste™:calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, spring water, true cinnamon, aloe vera gel, manuka honey, unrefined coconut oil, calcium phosphate, clove powder, peppermint powder, sage, zinc, essential oils (clove bud, lemon, peppermint), sea salt.

Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, calcium phosphate, zinc, essential oils (lemon, tea tree, myrrh), and/or manuka honey, sea salt.

Both Teethpaste and Teethrinse 90 day expire –

11 reviews for Teethpaste™ Sensitive combo

  1. Missmara

    I love this teethpaste and teethrinse! It’s the only thing that truly cleanse and refreshes my mouth, and has my teeth with no fuzz or plaque! No bad breath and no nasty after taste. All natural ingredients, and it also helped with an infected tooth abscess before I could get to the dentist. Definitely, will be my only teethpaste I buy from now on.

  2. Erika80 (verified owner)

    I really like this toothpaste and mouthwash. So glad I found these amazing products.

  3. Bri (verified owner)

    Leaves my mouth feeling SUPER clean and fresh. These are truly natural products which is always a go for me. Would buy again.

  4. Lynasia King

    When I say this product gives my teeth life , I mean it ! I get so many compliments on how nice my teeth look and I direct people to come here to purchase some . I never experienced teethpaste that does such a good job with maintaining tooth health and bad breath . My teeth feel so clean after I finish brushing them . Thank you ?? me natural you are amazing and your products are the best . Happy to support such a dynamic black owned business .

  5. Antonio Hickman

    I love Menatural Teethpaste, is a great product! I will be constant customer of Menatural product. Anyone looking to go organic and have top notch oral care; you’re in the place!

  6. rikkitmader@gmail.com

    ME Naturals is the best mouth/oral care I’ve ever used. Outside of the A1 natural ingredients that work together in harmony… it’s the intention that has gone into creating that then translates to the user. You will see positive results when you are intentional about caring for your mouth and ME naturals sets you up to do that. Just do the subscription…invest in yourself….be disciplined to do it and just know you will reap the benefits TEN FOLD. I’m so glad that I came across ME naturals. When I brush my teeth I’m manifesting great energy that will help guide my steps. Intentional, manifested, confidence all that! It can start with your teeth.

  7. Tracie

    At first I was a bit upset over the size of the teeth rinse but if you use the cap, it will definitely last. A little goes a long way. I love how smooth the toothpaste was and I appreciate the stick the comes with it. Both the toothpaste and mouth rinse are amazing. My mouth felt soooooo clean after. Definitely will buy again!

  8. Wes

    it’s very earthy! overall my teeth feel stronger and fresh everyday that I’d use this great combo.

  9. EL

    i love the end feelings of refreshments the combo deals are a steal ill recommend

  10. hakim m bey (verified owner)

    Wit da teethpack u can’t go wrong. every time u use it. It will seem like ders a party goin on in ur mouth. It will make u have grate breath 4sure. 13love

  11. Frank

    I have been using this for close to a month. The teethpaste is good it brighten my teeth. It makes your mouth feel refresh. The teethrinse make your mouth feel clean in taste. Minty. I would recommend this to people who use regular store toothpaste. Great price and buy.

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