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The importance of brushing your children’s teeth. I know some of you may be wondering, “why brush their teeth if they are at an age to do it themselves?” Well look at it from a different point of view. What about you or do you know of someone who, as an adult, have a smile that look as though with the proper care it could be better. Better yet what about someone with a mouth full of fillings that with proper oral hygiene they may have been able to avoid decayed teeth? To further the importance of brushing your children’s teeth I shall briefly expound… Take heed my Peoples.

Children’s teeth grow in, fall out, and regrow in a cycle. Keep in mind that all infant teeth grow in, but not all teeth as a child to adulthood will fall out and regrow back in. Even though baby teeth will eventually be lost, they are just as important as the adult teeth. They not only hold the space for incoming permanent teeth, but are also important for biting and chewing food, speech, and physical appearance. Early tooth loss due to dental decay can have a serious impact on your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

When to begin brushing children’s teeth?

  • Infant gum = gently wiping gums with a damp clothe.
  • 2 yr to 4 yr teeth = very important stage to begin brushing childs teeth. This is too young for independent brushing.
  • 5 yr to 8 yr teeth = allow independent brushing with weekly to monthly parent to child check up. A great time to create a great regimen to independent brushing.

“Your infant’s gums and newly erupting teeth should be gently wiped after each feeding with a water-soaked gauze pad or damp washcloth. Starting at age 2, when there are more teeth in the mouth, establish a daily brushing routine with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and no more than a thin smear of toxin-free toothpaste. Your child may need your help with this important task until about the age of 6.”  The importance of brushing your children’s teeth is much more important than we think.

Stay in the know about the importance of brushing your children’s teeth. Take the time to look at your child(s) teeth. What are the current conditions of your childs teeth?

Looking into your child(s) mouth do you honestly feel that the teeth look healthy? The best way to insure a confident brush is to teach your child how to do a full proper brush prior to allowing them independent brushing. Set time aside to display and relay what the correct way of brushing and properly flossing the teeth is, and how often they should keep up with their oral hygiene. Do a monthly checkup, as the parent, to assure that your child at all stages is doing a good enough job to continue independently brushing. If revisiting the oral care regimen is needed  please feel the need to do so. Keeping up with your childs teeth may, in some instances be time consuming, yet if properly taught there will be no need to fret. You only get one round of teeth in your mouth for adulthood that you can call your own. Your child has a future and assuring that they move forward in life with confidence is a great gift of encouragement to give. The importance of brushing your children’s teeth is a small factor into a bright future. Smile on my Peoples.

babyteeth,smile,brushing,teeth,importanceBrushing your child’s teeth FYI:

  • Eating/drinking anything but water after 8pm makes it important for your infant/child to do a guaranteed brush at night.
  • Crunchy fruit and vegetables aide in maintaining a healthy smile.
  • ME natural Cacao Childrens Toothpaste

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