Childrens Teethpaste™


Child safe? You’ve come to the right place. Children need love too, that’s why ME natural just came through. The only thing needed is the help of you. Grant your seed something new. Make cleaning your teeth not only fun, but safe with remedy. Your child has a future, let’s safe guard and secure it with Childrens Teethpaste™.


Must assist ages 12 month to 10 years old with thoroughly brushing teeth

Portion control, a little goes a long way

Recommended use twice a day

Age Suggested Use:

12 months – 12 years old

Crunchy vegetables and fruits also increase saliva production. This protects from cavity causing bacteria. Saliva contains surfactants and enzymes which acts as a detergent to clean your teeth.




(Combo includes a paste and rinse)

Cacao paste: calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, cacao powder, sodium bicarbonate, true cinnamon powder, manuka honey, unrefined coconut oil, spring water, 3% food grade peroxide, clove powder, peppermint powder, myrrh powder, trace minerals, essential oils ( orange, lemon, tea tree, cinnamon ), sea salt {3 month shelf life} Includes 1 application stick

Sensitive paste: calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, spring water, true cinnamon, aloe vera gel, manuka honey, unrefined coconut oil, clove powder, peppermint powder, sage, essential oils ( clove bud, lemon, peppermint ), sea salt { 3 month shelf life } Includes 1 application stick

Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils ( orange , lemon, tea tree, myrrh ), manuka honey, sea salt, trace minerals. {3 month shelf life}

Additional information

Teeth type:

Cacao childrens combo, Sensitve childrens combo, Cacao paste, Sensitive paste, –add Teethrinse 4.45oz


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