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Armpit Detox Combo


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This combo is to release stress from the lymph nodes. It not only helps speed up the natural deodorant adjustment period, it might also help pull some toxins out of the skin and tissue of the armpits. Refreshing your underarms with Mist Pits is a minimal way to know, is your under arm being natural a go?!

Include Detox type in order notes. (default type is w/ apple-cider vinegar powder)

apple cider vinegar powder – activated charcoal powder

Magnesium Hydroxide: Helps balance pH, it does not absorb into the skin, it counteracts any odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin without impacting the layer of skin where sweat glands, some what of an ‘extra strength’, a great alternative for those with sensitive skin and irritation to baking soda.
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Mist pits deodorant is child safe ( 1 – 3 mist per pit

Armpit detox/packet should not be used on children.

Her scent: tea tree, lavender

Him scent: geranium, pine, patchouli


Detox Packet:

  1. Mix 2 teaspoons of the ingredients and 2-3 teaspoons of water (to get the right consistency) in a glass bowl (do not use metal!) with a wooden or non-metal spoon until about the consistency of sour cream.
  2. Spread in an even layer over the armpits and allow to sit for 5-20 minutes. i.e. start slowly and working up to a longer period of time once you see how your body adjust. If it hurts at all, remove immediately.
  3. This may cause some redness as it will increase blood-flow to the area, but it will go away quickly.
  4. Wash off in the shower or with a warm, wet washcloth.
  5. Repeat 2-3 times a week and for as long needed until under-arm odor goes away and mist pits deodorant is non-irritating. (best used on a free day so as to allow armpits to breath without even needing to wear deodorant.)

Mist Pits deodorant:

  1. Keep glass bottle in a secure area
  2. Wait to use at least 1-2 hours after detox i.e.: recommended
  3. Lightly shake upright before every use
  4. Lightly press down to dispense mist from the sprayer clearing line for each additional spray
  5. Securely keep mist pits deodorant to refresh if/when needed.

Possible side effects:

  1. Tender underarms and breast/chest
  2. Fatigue

How to maintain:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Rest


Mist Pits deodorant: spring water, fractionated coconut oil, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, sodium bicarbonate(or without), magnesium hydroxide, essential oils ( citronella, oil blend of choice ).

Additional information

Additional information

Combo Type:

For Her, For Him, For Her – no baking soda, For Him – no baking soda, –single detox packet w/ apple cider vinegar, –single detox packet w/ activated charcoal

Reviews (1)

1 review for Armpit Detox Combo

  1. Anna H.

    Absolutely ❤️ this combo!
    ▪️lavender / sage mist pits spray
    ▪️ activated charcoal detox powder
    I’ve been using conventional deodorant for years and I was seeking a natural alternative.
    After days of using this combo, I’ve noticed that I don’t sweat as much ( not a heavy sweater) nor do my pits have an odor. I ❤️ the light scent of the deodorant and you can’t go wrong with the activated charcoal detox powder!
    ▪️ Always shake the container first or it may run
    ▪️ STAY CONSISTENT to see results

    I strongly recommended ANYONE (man/woman) to try this combo
    I’ve been using both products and it’s almost time for another order!

    Thanks Menaturals!

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