Pearl ME (charcoal) Teethpaste™ combo

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Alkaline of enhanced Baking Soda & Peroxide. (consider flavor)
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This perfectly diluted activated charcoal toothpaste is great for smile enhancement and stain assistance, minus the abrasion.

Pearl ME Teethpaste™ Suggested Use:
1.) For continual natural paste users ages 13+ i.e. if you have never used a natural paste your first purchase should NOT be Pearl ME.
2.) If you are a CHILD, have BRACES, or your first purchase is Pearl ME… do NOT allow to sit on teeth.  Instead brush as you would a normal paste.
3.) Pearl ME Teethpaste should be used once after every 2 Sensitive or OriginAL Teethpaste used. (ex: you use a Pearl ME jar in full wait after 2 uses of Sensitive or OriginAL jar).

Include Teethrinse flavor in order notes. (i.e.: default flavor is mint)
Upgrade Teethpaste Flavors: Cinnamon – Wintergreen

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*Not recommended for Pregnant women due to the activated charcoal being strong enough to pull toxins/poison from the body*
– Store at 78° and below keep in dark area cool area
– Adding extra sweetness: The honey (sweetness) flavored pastes and rinses are smoother with a bit of sweet
– Use combo in morning for best results

Both Teethpaste and Teethrinse 90 day expire


Pearl ME Teethpaste™:
– MILDLY COAT TEETH WITH PASTE AND ALLOW IT TO SIT FOR 30 secs to 1 minute BEFORE A COMPLETE BRUSH (allow to sit once every other day only).
– Use like you would your general toothpaste
– Keep container closed at all times

– Use TOP of teethrinse bottle for portion control it works!
– Protect the oral environment of the mouth, great for rinsing mouth in between eating, drinking, and smoking.


Pearl ME Teethpaste™: calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, 3% food grade peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, spring water, true cinnamon, activated charcoal, aloe vera gel, manuka honey, unrefined coconut oil, calcium phosphate, clove powder, peppermint powder, sage, zinc, essential oils (clove bud, lemon, peppermint), sea salt. Net Wt. 3.90oz or 7.90oz
Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food grade peroxide, calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, zinc, essential oils (lemon, tea tree, myrrh), and/or manuka honey, sea salt. Net Wt. 9.30oz
Both Teethpaste and Teethrinse 90 day expire

4 reviews for Pearl ME (charcoal) Teethpaste™ combo

  1. Rajohn (verified owner)

    If you love the teethpaste or the teeth rinse then I know you’ll love this combo, when you buy either one you might as well just get you the Combo deal, These 2 product’s work uniquely & perfectly with eachother for all of your oral hygiene & Moor Me Naturals is your Solution !

  2. BriWild

    No matter which paste you get your teeth are going to look bomb but this pearl me is my favorite. Follow the instructions and follow up with the rinse and you might blind someone when you smile. Buildup and stains don’t stand a chance but I still recommend getting your cleanings ?

  3. SButler (verified owner)

    I have tried an abundance of toothpaste and hopes to whiten my teeth. When I finally came across Menaturals Pearl Me Teethpaste; I was like “lemme see somethinggg lol”. Within a month my teeth was noticeably whiter and it began seeing the pink in my gums make its way back. On one tooth I have a calcium build up which caused an unappealing spot on my tooth. I used to have a yellow hue and looked like corn ( I hated it); now it’s a ridiculously white spot. Emphasis on ridiculously because I was not expecting it to get so white. For the first time ever I am truly in love with my smile and Im grinning all day. Mask on and all lol.

  4. Bernard

    Best combination ever you’ll never go back to store brought toothpaste ever again !!!!

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