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Compacted with beneficial mouth minerals, this combo caters to the wellness of your mouth in entirety. Recommended for smokers of all types.

Include Teethrinse flavor in order notes. (default flavor is peppermint-oregano)

peppermint – oregano OR cinnamon – sweet orange

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Keep in mind ReMEneralize Teethpaste (peppermint, oregano) combo is the strongest combo of them all! Adding ‘Extra Strength’ to teethrinse will have a stingy/hot feeling in mouth.

ReMEneralize Teethpaste™ Suggested Use:
1.) 1st time natural paste users and continual natural paste users.
2.) Highly recommended for oral care issues and smokers of all types.
3.) Rotate ReMEneralize Teethpaste should be used once after every 1 Sensitive or OriginAL Teethpaste used. (ex: if you use a ReMEneralize jar in full wait after 1 use of Sensitive or OriginAL jar).

Use in morning and night and or between meals for best results.

ReMEneralize Teethpaste:
– Gently and thoroughly brush your teeth(front/back), tongue, and (gently)gums for 1 minute up to 2 minutes

ReMEneralize Teethrinse:
– SHAKE before each use
– Use cap full and swoosh/rinse for 1-2 minutes


ReMEneralize Teethpaste: calcium bentonite clay, redmond clay, sodium bicarbonate, spring water, unrefined coconut oil, true cinnamon, manuka honey, calcium phosphate, food-grade diatomaceous earth, clove powder, myrrh powder, calcium-magnesium, activated charcoal, turmeric, trace minerals, essential oils (peppermint, oregano, lemon), sea salt. Net Wt. 3.90oz

ReMEneralize Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food-grade peroxide, manuka honey, witch hazel, calcium-magnesium, calcium phosphate, licorice root, trace minerals, essential oils (peppermint, oregano). Net Wt. 4.35oz or 9.30oz —default flavor

ReMEneralize Teethrinse: spring water, 3% food-grade peroxide, manuka honey, witch hazel, clove powder, myrrh powder, calcium-magnesium, calcium phosphate, trace minerals, essential oils (cinnamon, orange). Net Wt. 4.35oz or 9.30oz

4 reviews for ReMEneralize Teethpaste™ combo

  1. Ibeckles

    The citrus taste is interesting to me. I am almost at the bottom of the jar needing to scrape the sides. My teeth are noticeably whiter and I have a dentist appointment this month I’ll see if my dentist notices the the changes I believe I’ve noticed. my teeth are feeling less sensitive

  2. CrazyPaine

    As I’m getting better with my dental health. I’m flossing more and brushing my teeth twice a day. It was a shock at first using this however… It’s been working. My teeth been the cleanest they ever been and I’m content that your product is helping me to keep my teeth clean. PSA: Try the different flavors. I love spearmint. ??

  3. jl49444

    So this is the only teethpaste I’ve tried, so far. It’s black (charcoal). I also prefer this (as well as teeth rinse) in comparison to other toothpastes. It. Ones in glass and I trust the ingredients. <3
    I’m poor, but it’s important to me to support healthy ingredients and companies who focus on our well-being.

  4. Sahura

    Purchased the sensitive teeth paste last year and loved it! I believe it got rid of plaque build up and teethe overall felt clean. Loved the mouth rinse as well!

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