Eating with your Hands

Eating with your hands. I know, sounds unethical in today’s sophisticated world. Many even in the growth of adolescence has been taught to eat with utensils such as; forks, spoons and such. Well… What if I told you that maybe you were taught wrong. Maybe you were trained a way that fit into a society where nothing really fits but what is conditioned to fit.  I know I always get ahead of myself but today I shall not. Right here, right now I AM going to give you the scoop on the wonderful benefits of “Eating with your Hands.”

Eating with your hands first and foremost builds a connection with not only you and your food, but you and your hands. How often do we use our hands without even bothering to give them recognition for being one our best assets and friends? Without our hands we wouldn’t be able to do basically anything. Our hands promote our independence to Self. We are able to make a living with our hands. Think about it. Nearly every job on this planet involves our hands. Please take more time to appreciate one of our best friends since birth. Wait, But if you do not have hands don’t fret. This connection to our hands shows more appreciation to one without hands because we now innerstand the fortunate within it and how not to take what we have for granted. To know that we must value each individual part of our body that allows us to have an element that easily could not be there at all or quickly taken away. For the ones who do not have hands, I appreciate my hands just with the thought of typing this article. INfinite love to you.

Great benefits of eating with hands:


  1. Transmits universal energy with our Chakras.
  2. It heightens sensual connection with food (which is my favorite reasoning).
  3. The fingers themselves even contain enzymes which start the digestive process upon first touch.
  4. It’s like a heads-up to your stomach, signaling millions of nerve endings in your fingers to relay the message that you’re about to eat.
  5. It increases blood circulation.

Those are just some of the great benefits behind eating with our hands is a connected interaction with our body. I myself eat with my hands but not as often as I should. But this is surely bringing a positive light on this topic. Now that I think more of it, it seems as though my food taste super good when I do eat with my hands. I mean you like being touched in positive ways. Touch serves as a way of interaction on every type of level. I mean our Ankhcestors in all types of cultures ate with their hands. “The Ayurvedic texts teach that each finger is an extension of one of the five elements. Through the thumb comes space; through the forefinger, air; through the mid-finger, fire; through the ring finger, water and through the little finger it is earth.”  How could you not want to connect with self in this fashion?

This method of eating will all around benefit your internal and external organs. There comes a time and a place where you have to learn to sit still and appreciate all that we ignore that enhances our way of life. Though your hands are NOT the only body part that is important, it is one of that needs love too. Allow your Mind, Body, and Spirit to grow into the KNOW. Become aware and in tune. Love yourSelf and Yourself shall surely love you back. Enjoy the benefits of eating with your hands.

2 responses to “Eating with your Hands”

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you for this interesting article!!! Quick question: I was checking out the elements per finger online and apparently it’s diferent from what you write. I.e. Thumb corresponding to fire. Possible explanation?

    • The Bey says:

      Good Day.
      Yes, I have read that also. At the time of looking up information on the topic the concept of the thumb was what has come to me. I innerstand that most articles say the thumb is related to the fire element, as the rest of the fingers are sense elements as well.

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