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Society is the foundation of a state, but the structure of a continent. On a daily basis we are subliminally bombarded with elements beneficial to the deconstruction of Self. Before I turn you towards a topic that deserves a blog of itself I would like to touch on our unconscious support in society. Society is basically a synonym of the word community.

To assure that we are aware of what is being discussed unconscious is the opposite of conscious. Unconscious is defined as 1. (adj). not conscious, 2. (n). the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions. Simply put unconscious is when you are unaware of your behaviors. We do things that go unnoticed due to our lack of access to awareness. With that being said unaware as a society we are. One point I would like to indulge in is unconscious support in our communities. Allow me to get straight to the point. I am literally creating this blog on account of this unconsciousness that to some degree boggles my mind. So of course you all know that corporations make billions of dollars each year as a result of our unconscious systematic approval towards our stagnate lifestyle.

Still confused? Well we complain about how government treats us, we complain about the care-less way they place toxins in our lifestyle, we complain about being overworked… shoot we complain. I, too, am a victim of complaint. But guess what? Guess what I decided to do? Become conscious of my support to our demise and no longer place blame or complain on things that can be altered. For the benefit of society I began to 3978372release those unconscious behaviors. Let me give you an example. So on social media I grew a connection with a few developing businesses which became beneficial as far as networking on some of my social sites like Twitter, Instagram (@MEnaturals). Doing that allowed me to have double and triple the exposure for my brand which was very helpful in the fact that I could reach those who may have never heard of me. Long story short we went our separate ways. In doing so we took the small business support as a whole with us individually. At first I was in my feelings like, whatever forget them. Being in my unconscious mind I shunned even to mention the brands of those companies because of disagreement. But in time I began to see that some of them have some of the best products I’ve known to use. That was it… my unconscious support in society was negative and I turned it into being positive.

From perspective you can look at your support in society as beneficial or hindering.”

Though up until I became aware I supported corporations with no regard for a disagreement, with no regard for their contribution to the demise of our nation. I continually, without question, supported corporations who could care less if what they produced healed me or killed me. Yet when I had a disagreement with my peers I was so quick to remove and not support what they created and then support the corporations. Hoping that the small business are not infused andCome-Unity consumed in greed like the corporations, but are for the society; those trying to create in place of what is unrefined throughout the world within our communities. We mention and expose brands/names/labels all the time, which is a form of FREE advertising. We pay to advertise when buying the brands/names/labels. We advertise for companies that do not care if we buy or not, but we always stop supporting or even mentioning a small business in society that is just trying to survive.  For instance there is a business that makes wonderful cleanses (HealThySelf360.com) to for the body. I’ve used it myself. I ran out and prior to, refused to buy what I knew worked and was in support of community. How does that make sense. So I’d rather go to the store, stand in line and buy from a company that 90% contains toxin and unreasonably priced vs 100% organic and low cost? Some will not support others unless they purchase from them. Support comes in many ways and free promotion or word of mouth is the BEST for of support to date!! So yeah. See I ‘was’ unconscious of my behaviors. I must stay aware to what can allow me to be the BEST me. So a work in progress I am. I wanted to share this thought openly because I feel we can, as a Society, benefit in some way, shape, or form. In order to grow a seed for its best blossom you must first plant the seed in nourished soil. Let’s nourish our minds. I’m ready to grow, are you?


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