When Thoughts Become Reality | Poetry

When thoughts become reality they are moveable…Hear me move.

The Love EyE Found

The Love EyE found

I once thought it couldn’t possibly exist…but it does

It was,

Just not too long ago that this love…

This love chose me

I then began to see

I never knew but now I KNOW

To grow, glow, Hello!

You have to take heed

Like a new born seed

That gets caught under greed

…they feed those lies

So many think they are but, LOL, their not wise

Some shit I used to dispise

But see now…

The love EyE found, got me found, got me focused

I mean it chose me but I,

I’ve found love now I,

…just can’t say ‘gooooodbyyyyye’

Or that would be very much so a lie

And that’s what I don’t do

My past I outgrew, I’m through

I want to blossom into this delicate BUTTERFLY that you can barely touch

Actually you can’t hold

Like ice gets cold yet I’ll melt

My wings will be that delicate

That only means that I can’t be held down

That nothing not ‘NO’ thing can hold ME down

My cocoon made room for me to fit

I will never forget!

That this Love chose ME, but I found it cause I was chasing it

We collided like the beginning of it all and I,

EyE was created

I love this feeling moor than anything…cause I made it

Hold tight this right ain’t smooth

This Love EyE found.


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