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When you tap into the thoughts of your future are you part of it? Have you devoted time to the possibilities of what could be if you sat time aside for Self? Your future depends on what you set forth for it, you are your own INVESTMENT! To invest [with object] is to devote (one’s time, effort, or ENERGY) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. A worthwhile result…what is worthwhile? I’ll answer, YOU! You are worthwhile. To invest in Self is the best investment you could ever make in your entire life. Whatever is beneficial to you. Whatever is necessary to YOU is the factor. Allow me to inform you how.

1. You are your biggest investment. Alot of the times when someone invest, they are afraid of investing all of their eggs in one basket. I say, “Why NOT?” I mean what could possibly be the loss in this worthwhile result for SELF. You have to look at it in a way where if you don’t invest you will be the effort to someone else’s investment. If you do invest the result could be infinite to none.

2. Devote your time towards yourself. No matter what it is that you choose to invest in for Self. From a healthier lifestyle, goal complete, or even a business you’ve always thought you could Manifest. This planet is large and the only magnifying glass placing you to the size of an ant is YOU. Do NOT waste your time.Self Every second to every moment, to every minute to the hour of the day is important in this process in order for your investment, in SELF, to flourish. When you invest in someone else that time is taken away from you, which you can actually look at it as stolen stock. Why stolen? Simple because you are unaware of your value and someone else is. That someone is indirectly manipulating the upper hand of inverting your time into little to NOthing. Basically deceiving you (stock) into thinking that you are worth NOthing more than to be invested in their investment.

3. Effort! Don’t sleep on yourself. This investment will need for you to actually care about what your doing. Which isn’t such a bad thing. You put forth an effort for the movement in life in general any way. Just give yourSelf a tug or two. I’m sure you’ve heard of invest before the stock hit! Well guess what? Invest before the stock market hits high. You will either be the back someone uses to climb to the top or you will be the one who needed noone’s back. Having invested in Self you’d have a hefty ladder you yourself built to take all the credit for who you are as a human being. You made the way to the top of the charts by putting effort towards your stock (Self).

4. The most important part of investing is Energy. Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Looking at this definition confirms the fact that you will have to fight your way to the top. One, by devoting time and effort. Two, by encouraging yourself. Not allowing doubt to enter-fear with your mission, which is knowing that you are the only investment you should invest in. You are the money that is on the stock market because you are the stock. Buy into it, own it! Take ownership of the movement of Self. This whole situation is about you. Energy is transferable. All you have to do is move the energy that you’re putting from one place to another. Move that energy towards you. Never become complacent.

If you think about it making the choice to invest in Self isn’t as difficult as you or the world may make it seem. It’s all about redirecting your investment to the right place. Think of it as a glass(world) of water(Self). So your thirsty, I AM. The only way to quench your thirst is by picking up the glass of water and placing it to your mouth in order to drink of it. Bam! Say less. I AM thirsty for more out of life than the glass of water it has poured so far. I AM thirsty in a way where I know instead of having only a glass of water I can possibly drink from a forever flowing fountain. That alone is what my investment is…a fountain. I can then forever drink the water(Self) without even needing a glass(world). I can put my mouth in the flow of it and drink without effort. It would be impossible for me to drink up a fountain filled with water therefore I will NEVER have to worry about if I will be able to quench my thirst tomorrow or not. I will then KNOW! All because of the stock invested, all because of the invested Self.

The real investment is you whether you are controlling the stock(Self) or not. Life isn’t always peaches and cream. Sometimes you may have to settle with just the peaches because life gave and produced you the peach, but the world manipulated you into craving the cream. In order to get the cream you have to pay for it, then you owe the world for the cream. Me, EyE think I’ll just take the organic free peach that Life has to give. You never ask, you will never owe. You owe NOone or NOthing anything, all you have to do is accept what you earn out of your investment. “Reassurance from my assurance,” as I call it. Confidence from within. Now that’s investing in stock, Self!



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