Oil Pulling | What should you know
Using oil pulling as a natural remedy, do the whole sha-bang. Use a pure quality carrier oil in the beneficial technique of oil pulling...

What should you know about oil pulling?

There is much to know about oil pulling, the resurrected ancient gem. To me, it began booming out of nowhere. It’s the same way my natural journey began, out of nowhere. It’s all-natural right? Well first and foremost let me inform you on what it is and how it works. Also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes.

The technique is said to draw toxins out of the body.

From this I say YES! All natural and Ayurvedic, what could possibly go wrong with that? This technique of oil pulling is said to improve your oral and overall health. I mean with all of these harmful things that we’ve done to ourselves over the years I say go for it. There is just one thing we must comprehend, the concept.

ME natural what do you mean concept? Well in all things come understanding, that understanding was a con to this process. I know, what could I possibly see wrong with a natural remedy. Simularly oil pulling does have both a pro and a con in the concept.

Oil Pulling is NOT and should not be an alternative to brushing your teeth.

Things to know.

First thing to Oil Pulling:

As instructed in the remedy it clearly says dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach. This is only step one. The pro to this is that you can swish your mouth on an empty stomach. The con is what happens if you don’t swish your mouth on an empty stomach? Me personally, I have no clue. According to the ancient remedy this is part of the process of detoxing your mouth. For everyone who decides to begin this please have an empty stomach. Maybe this will benefit you in the end. I mean, if we are going to do something let us follow the care instructions. Okay? For sure. lol

Second to Oil Pulling:

It says to swish oil pulling in your mouth for around 20 minutes. To me that sounds like as close as you can get to 20 minutes as possible. If you don’t have 20 minutes, don’t be swishin’ no oil around your mouth thinking that you’re going reap the benefits. Follow the instructions peeps!

Third to Oil Pulling:

Keep in mind… the oil you use MUST be a pure natural grade… There are oils that are beneficial in this remedy we call oil pulling like ME natural oil pull. Don’t sell yourself short, go all the way…go pure.

Understand the circumstances of Oil Pulling.

Using oil pulling as a natural remedy, do the whole sha-bang. Use a pure quality carrier oil in the beneficial technique of oil pulling...

Swishing oil in your mouth for around 20 minutes supposedly draws out toxins in your body. This is the con that strikes my attention. It says it draws OUT the toxins, which means it brings them to the surface. What could be bad about that? Well, how much toxin is in your body and mostly in your mouth? Do you use a truly all-natural toothpaste? Do you use all natural skin care products, eat clean foods? Why? Well, I’ve had people suggest that only upon detox of oil pulling their mouth got worse. Are you truly ready to face what you have in your body that you cannot see?

Just think about how bleach can taint water, can water be tainted by bleach? Now I AM not saying do not oil pull. I’m simply saying proceed with caution. In the processing of going natural, you must be coming from somewhere. Could it be the world of chemicals? To the point, proceed with minor caution.

If you are thinking of using natural remedies do the whole sha-bang.

If your oil pulling use an all-natural toothpaste. Use all-natural skin care. If you are able make and create your own oil pulling recipe, feel free. Allow Mother Nature to heal and have faith. PLEASE READ the ingredients on all of your products that you purchase. PLEASE COMPREHEND all the ingredients on all your products that you purchase. All things in moderation. Do your research on oil pulling about what you should know.

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2 responses to “Oil Pulling | What should you know”

  1. LadyJay says:

    Enjoyed this read and you are so right with the process of detoxing the body we came from somewhere and cleaning years of ish in our bodies so during the process things can get worse aka the healing crisis.

    For some it could be the worst and others it can be nothing. For me personally I’ve done several cleanses over the pass couple of years, ended up slipping back into the old routine, decided to stop being on the fence and go hard with all fruit cleanse mostly grapes. Been oil pulling through the whole process due to badly damaged teeth and I must say my teeth are going through some things!

    One of my worst fears was me agravating my nervous system as I have Trigeminal neuralgia which is unbelievable nerve pain in the face/mouth will make you want to have all your teeth pulled but it wouldn’t help!! I’ve been episode/flare up free for 4yrs now and the other day I started getting the warning nerve taps that an episode is about to happen and I’m not looking forward to this!! I don’t know if it’s the detoxing and oil pulling that’s triggered an episode or what. I have to chill for a while with the pulling and just let the herbs sit in my mouth until this episode passes.

    So yes oil pulling does have is good and trigger underlining problems sides. Know your body as it’s not one size fits all -;)

    • Nova says:

      Wow thank you for being straight forward. Yes, we live from the point of realization forward with our unconscious wounds. Wellness is important. Thank you again for reading.

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