How to Become | Confident

     “I CAN DO WHATEVER I PUT MY MIND TO,” “I AM WHOEVER I WANT TO BE,” “I AM SUCCESS!” Confident…a superior factor in the world. It is one characteristic that is moveable. Confidence can take you to the highest mountain or the lowest valley. With this prominent piece of personality the world was created. The world revolves around being confident and I AM going to give you my view on how it is and how to be… “BE.” The word “confident” stems from the word “confidence” which means firmly trusting, bold; to have full trust or reliance. Now before we move forward pay close attention to what it says. To FIRMLY TRUST…HAVE FULL TRUST. As you can see confidence deals with trust. What does trust mean? “Trust(n.)” means reliance on the veracity, integrity, or other virtues of someone or something. In order to be confident you first have to have confidence. In order to have confidence you must first have full trust. Having full trust is to rely on something or someone. Who are we attempting to become confident for? SELF. Now we may proceed…

      To me, Nova’Liat, becoming confident is easy. 1.) First thing first STOP caring about what another person thinks. That is very important. To care what another person thinks about anything you have going is like caring about what someone flushes down the toilet. I know sounds crazy…exactly. Who cares? You are an individual, just be. You must “be” in sequence to “become.” How can you become something if you do not exist first. ‘Be’ is in alignment to ‘be’ing who you are, ‘be’ing happy with who you are…etc. No matter how much you try to cover up or hide behind whatever it is that is holding you back, it will still be there. You have to face that which made you hide in series to becoming unhidden. Becoming confident is like breaking out of a shell. Breaking the shell is the only way you will ever see whats on the outside of it. I hope I’m making sense.

      The day you let go of what the world thinks of you is the day you finally exhale. Stop holding your breath before you suffocate yourself. Believe when I say EVERYONE goes through this. If they say they did not then they are peaking out of a hole they made from on the inside of their shell, it is not all the way broken. 2.) Be honest with yourself. You are the only thought that matters. If you are honest with yourself from the start you will never have to worry about not having confidence ever again. Sometimes the truth hurts… ‘Well hurt me!’ LoL. When you lie to yourself you always have to check back with the lie you created. What am I meaning by this? Don’t try to be someone who you are not. Allow the real you to shine through. If everyone cared about what others thought the word ‘confident’ wouldn’t be an expression for the type of action it exudes.

CONFIDENCE       To be confident is a feeling. You just seem to fall in love with it. Now…keep in mind. Confidence and EGO are two separate characteristics of what one can hold based on Self. Try to stay clear of having an EGO while confident, it is not always a good thing. Confidence is Self assurance, while EGO is Self superiority. 3.) Know your place. Always innerstand what part in this world you play. “I don’t have a position,” you say? Well that is simply where confidence comes in. It gives you that ‘Dare to be’ type of attitude. When you let go of failing you grasp hold of being able to play your part. I don’t know about you, but I much rather fail trying to win than fail because of lack of assurance. Think of confidence like you would learning how to ride a bike for the first time. In the beginning you have on head gear and knee pads. In the end you may even know how to ride your bike with no hands. Hey! Some people even do flips and such with it.

      What I’m trying to get you to overstand is how to ‘BE’come confident. It’s not really about gaining this quality, just simply allowing it to surface. Confidence is within us all but it is and will not be until we fully trust and rely on Self, we will then recognize our true value. “Confidence is Life, in every decision you make involves confidence. From something as little as the groceries you will buy, to that house you’ve always dreamed of. When your confident you are sure of SELF.”∼∼Kadeem Ahmand

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