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         The world of ANIMALS in so many elements. At one point in time I compared myself to a type of animal for what that stage in my life reflected. Didn’t you? I’ve even simplified my ECO way of thinking down to what insect I’d like to be….A butterfly. I’ve always had that thought in the back of my head on what animals truly meant to us. Why us, as human BEINGS, coexist with such intellectual creatures besides ourselves. How could we live amongst these types of creatures and evolve to such distance. We are attached, yet detached at the same time. The fact is that WE as BEINGS have went wrong. We went wrong thousands of years prior, but this is the final straw… We have pulled animals out of their elements.

        THE FINAL STRAW meaning we have lost our antipathy. We used to have integrity in how we treated the world and everything in it. Now it is as though any and everything is about Self due to tradition and simply not using our brain muscles. We are so consumed in our tradition that we never stopped to analyze how and where the error occurred. There is nothing wrong with being about Self. But when it comes to another entity we have to be considerate. I mean, what if the birds began to hate us so much that when they fly above they drop loads of crap on our heads daily because they found it funny. Seriously what would we do then, kill them all? We share this world, it is NOT individually ours. THINK! These animals are out of element.

My pet Mocha

My pet Mocha

        So how are the animals out of their elements? Let’s begin with the fact that any and all animals are to be solely in their natural habitat; free to roam. Now I do have a dog and I went wrong, innerstood the error, and now I devote time to fix what I did to my dog for my pleasure. What was your error Nova’Liat? I chose to make her my pet and sadly to say I got her spay. At the time I was so unconscious to the fact that it should be her decision. Could she possibly make a decision, No! Therefore I should have let her be. If I couldn’t handle her natural ways I should have not taken her into my care. I took away her natural element of being a female dog. It did not dawn on me until one day after hearing how some women can not conceive at ALL. I literally knew from that moment forth that I had to care for her until she no longer could be cared for. I took her out of her element for my pleasure because I thought she was cute. Went to the extreme with hearing, “Oh she will bleed everywhere,” not thinking so do I. Not in that fashion but in general. That was a selfish act on me and I realize the error of removing her from her element.

      With animals out of their element we must become more aware of what we are doing to our animal friends. Each and every one of them play a role in this organism we call earth. We were, by LAW , appointed to govern the land. Not to dominate it. We have fish in tanks and bowls…I know you saw finding ‘NEMO‘! LoL. For real. How would you feel consciously being placed in a room of glass and people staring at you. No privacy, no free roam? I know everyone has had a fish at one point but when will we save and respect the animals. Why can’t we visit them at their natural habitat of hoEco Friendlyme(s) and leave them be? We have unconsciously worked our way to the top of an illusionism . Animals belong in their elements, which in term make sense for some to be prey.

DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOUR ANIMALS EATING HABITS INTO YOURS! Whaaa?? You heard me. Don’t let them over eat. But if you have a dog allow your dog to eat as such, if you have a cat allow your cat to eat as such. Organic eating is good. No restrictions on their natural way of eating! They were born to assist with a specific part of the ECO. I had to pop myself in the head for even thinking to do this one day. 

Every single BEING, Animal, creature, insect, and organism play a huge beneficial factor to this imagery we call Animal HabitatsLife. Look at your animal in a way where what if it were you. Wouldn’t you miss your parent and if your parent neglected you that could effect you for the rest of your life. Animals are being affected by our selfish ways. If we do have pets/animals allow them to get some natural air. Treat this like your pet has two parents: MA’ther Net’ure and You, with shared custody. You have to allow that particular creature to see the other parent as well. If every single thing is removed from its natural element/habitat then what? Are you even aware of what could be the outcome? With what WE have done to the this earth? Even as of now look at the devastation. Look at the WORLD in general. We are now manufacturing animals, they’re not even being manifeBullsted or grown in a natural dwelling.  For every action there ‘IS’ a reaction. If you are not part of the solution then you are surely part of the problem. Don’t comprehend my conversation as being pessimistic but more so subsequent to what we can migrate into. I am not perfect, but I strive to be. Taking any type of progressive step would be more than helpful to this situation. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. Don’t worry about what the rest of the world is doing it begins with you…with EyE…with us! Let’s be more sensible. Logic stands in a category by itself and many times can not be dis proven. I like to look at logic as Truth, which is something being concealed from us even as you read this. I love you, let’s love them.

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