Inadvertent | A form of ADVERTISEMENT

Advertisement is the number #1 method of promote in the world. From television commercials to social media memes the method at which to inform those looking for goods and services is bountiful. So bountiful that advertisement has become much more than what the human eye can see… actually much more than the human conscious can directly perceive. Though advertisement can also be comprehended as mediated persuasion aimed at an audience; the focal point here is inadvertent advertisement.

To better understand how something so important to marketing can go unseen to the naked eye let us first begin with what inadvertent means. Inadvertent is defined not focusing the mind on a matter. Reading this should assist with comprehending how most advertisement can be so unseen, so subliminal, so… unintentional. Within this decade the rise of the internet has sky rocketed advertisement to a new level. However one may say the level of promotion has always been in existence, I beg to differ simply on the concept of my explanation.

Announcing in a PUBLIC medium…

When you purchase your favorite pair of shoes. When you buy your dream car. When you go on your getaway vacation. Better yet when you go to your best eatery… it is at that point that in most cases inadvertent advertisement takes place. How you say? Well it is simply your moment of wanting to express to others one of your favorite places or things. From logos to slogans; you want others to know how you feel about that who, what, when, where, why, and/or how. Still confused?

Here is a 3-step example of inadvertent ADVERTISEMENT:

  1. You call and friend and suggest driving to your favorite restaurant. You two arrive and wait to be seated.“—– First form of inadvertent advertisement. You, for free, brought profits to that venue., i.e.: a friend.
  2. “The two of you sit down and begin browsing throw the menu in hopes of fulfilling your crave. You order and the food arrives. It’s delicious because you know from your experience at this eatery which makes you wAdvertisement,Advertising,Promotion,Edorsementant to take a picture and share with your family and friends. 2017, you instantly go to your social media, post, and add caption.”—–Second form of inadvertent advertisement. You, for free, promote a plate of food for that venue.
  3. “You begin to eat the dish that was so flavorful you had to give notice to the public. With leftovers you finish your food, pay, and head out the door. On your way to your car people walking by notice your bag of leftovers.”—–Third form of inadvertent advertisement. You, for free, hold the bag to the restaurant that displays the Logo.

Why is all of this a factor you say? Being straightforward… you are paying to advertise for free. No one hired you, yet you paid to suggest. Now though that may not seem like much, on a panoptic view that means everything. You suggesting that eatery could have potentially brought a profit of 2-3 new people and guess what? You are not and will not see a dime of that commission. Unless you are a regular for happy hour, I highly doubt you even receive a customer appreciation discount. Now I don’t say this to be cruel to the next man, because I, too, am a victim to inadvertent advertisement except I’ve learned to choose my unintentional promoting wisely. By number one watching who and what I promote. By inadvertently advertising products and businesses that deserve free advertising. At all times controlling what I display to the public on my accord. Most people will suggest a corporate brand or product, but will know a worthwhile small business and for some reason can never get around to even uttering the brand and/or business. Many won’t even digitally share a small business just for the sake of moral support, yet share a brand or business that profits are beyond the scope of that persons existence. This is very important in economic growth. What are you supporting to help graduate your surroundings? What are you promoting on social media that contributes to the destruction and/or benefit of our nation. What type of mediated persuasion are you aiming at your audience? This is not to deter you from supporting a business(es). The moral of the story is don’t complain unless you are willing to take a conscious effort at what you ADVERTISE. Become aware of to whom and where you direct profits to. All advertisement, positive or negative, is beneficial advertisement.

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