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Food. It’s always a wonderful thing to indulge in. From the great textures to the mouthwatering flavors…it is the one thing every being can enjoy. Food that soothes sometimes makes us move. You ever find yourself doing a little dance to something you ate that taste soooo awesomely good? Yes, that’s food. You ever been so hungry while purchasing food Togo by the time you got to your destination half, if not all, of it was gone? That’s what you call food. Food can mean many things to many people. But here…we are going to focus on how to save the food that soothes the SOUL.

What is food that soothes your SOUL? Well what color is your SOUL? Bam! That’s how we are going to identify what it is. By the COLORS. Food is colorful.  Soul food is colorful and many of it derives from MA’ther Earth. Soul Food is plant based. Many say, ” Well I’m vegan.” Let’s get out of these irrelevant categories and call it like we see it. Soul Food is plant based eating. Inside and out. Everything is connected. Now at a time we all got disconnected but in order to get reconnected you’ve gotta chase the rainbow! The rainbow has many different colors and so does our spirit. But how do we show love to our inner SELF? Buy making sure we save and preserve our live foods the best way possible.

Here’s how to save FOOD

  • First things first never over shop. I know when your out some things that you weren’t expecting to buy comes to mind and you end up getting it. But stick to your guns, first thoughts.
  • If you don’t have the shopping power to control your stomach over your mind shop with a budget. A set amount of money that you take with you. That way when you get to the register if you’ve over shopped you just gotta pick the top items and leave the rest behind.

Soul Food

  • Pay attention to the things that you need vs the things that you’d like to try out. I know sometimes you want to be daring. But you will just have to fit that dare into your budget in order to save.
  • Making a list is how to save time and money on food. You are able to get in and get out. If it’s not on the list then it wasn’t your intent to buy it in the first place.

Those are just a few ways on how to save food and money.

Eco-Friendly ways to save FOOD

  1. One main Eco-friendly way of saving food is first in first out. If you purchase a tomato and you have an existing one at home eat the ripest or the oldest one first. The longer food sits the older it gets so be kind to the planet Save Foodand don’t waste.
  2. Store your food properly. There are multiple ways to store your Soul food to get the most out of it. Check out this link via
  3. Waste not want not. There are people within these States and other countries that would be delighted to have as much as we get our hands on. So pay homage and put even the aged food to good use.
  4. If you have any plants around the house and your food is old throw it in a blender and turn it into plant food(compost). I’m sure they won’t mind you recycling MA’ther Net’ure back into their roots. I wouldn’t.
  5. Find different body and skin care regimes that you can do with some left overs. Your body just might reiterate the love back to you and beautify itself from the regeneration.
  6. Throw your food in a blender and crank that puppy up adding to your liking. Hey you just might create a healthy shot or smoothie that could benefit a relative in need. Remember… Multi vitamins = multi-vegetables.
  7. Also, if your food is beyond blending throw them into a sauté pan with a healthy plant-based oil and get it going. I find Nothing wrong with a lil’ sauté, you know? LOL

How do we incorporate positive ways to save food into our lives? By simply being more mindful of the fact that How to save Foodmany times, our eyes are bigger that our stomach. Be to shop for what you need and put everything to good use by recycling your food into natures soil. Eating the food for your soul can assist you as a living breathing human to get the exact amount of nutrients by eating live foods. The original foods. If you’re not a plant-based eater, I’m more than sure you would be able to incorporate how to save Food in general from the suggestions above. Being alive is being open to any and all. I welcome all to the world of Manifesting Energy. You have to begin somewhere…





The You’niversoul phrase is, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Let’s love ourselves and the planet at the same time!  It’s not only about how to save food, but also how to save Self. “The spirit are within and the sh*t all free.”–Slum


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