Being Honest with YourSelf

      I’m more than positive that you’ve heard the quote, “The TRUTH will set you free.” Well…why haven’t you set your SELF free yet? “I AM free!” Are you? How can you tell. Let alone how do you KNOW if you are free or not? Allow me to take it back for a minute, I apologize for jumping to conclusions..

      Being honest with YourSelf is…simple. I mean most of the time we create complexity with looking at things in different ways as opposed to simply whats there in plain sight. In plain sight is the fact that you are and can be any and all things. That astronaut you’ve read about or even a wealthy entrepreneur, just know that you are capable of achieving what you can conceive. Stop lying to YourSelf saying what you can’not do. That is one of the main things that display dishonesty, self doubt. Don’t second guess yourSelf. Trust from withIN.

      There was once upon a time that I, myself, was guilty of this same mistreatment to Self. I thought of all the things that I could’not do as opposed to what I could achieve. I had to realize that honestly second guessing myselfTrust SELF wouldn’t get me anywhere. I’ve doubted myself of so many things that the concept of honesty began to leave me. My morals began to depreciate. I had developed a mild case of low self-esteem. It was so ironic to me because I never knew how one small lie to Self could lead to a thought of self destruct. And it came from nowhere! I was shocked! I was examining who I was as an individual and clearly stumbled upon this notion. I lacked confidence in other places, but I never thought I would begin to think of myself in this manner. That’s when I came out of my negative feelings and pushed for positive. It was like a light bulb in a pitch black room being turned on. “Ah-ha!” The Truth had manifested from withIN and I would never turn that light off again.

      That’s what being honest with YourSelf is about. Not allowing anyONE or NOthing to turn off your light that you want on. Believing IN YourSelf. Giving your all or nothing. In order to graduate with a 4.0gpa you must get all A’s or it will not be considered. That is what being honest with Self is about. [typography font=”Tienne” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#572d57″]”It’s either give your all or don’t give nothing. 100% is ALL,”[/typography] my mother tells me and I trust in her word because her words are instilled in me, whom she created. You can look at being honest with YourSelf from so many angles and prospectives because that is the function of it all. What is ‘it all’? Whatever reality you create for yourself. Live up to Your expectations, move to the beat of your Own drum. Stop allowing others to bring forth what you want. Create it YourSelf from your view. That’s being honest with Self. Doing, creating, trusting…in what YOU want. It takes time to figure out what you really want, you really have to get to the core of your thoughts in order to visualize. The world would be a big BLAH if no one trusted from withIN. Knowing that hey, if I like it I know someone else will too. Though we were all created from the ONE thought…just look at how many different thoughts were manifested. Meditate on how many different organisms, animals, and human BEEings there are on this planet. Though ONE thought created it ALl, look how creative. Allhamdulillah! You can be just as creative. Love YourSelf and YourSelf will love you back. Loving YourSelf is being honest. Being honest with YourSelf is the Manifest..

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