Shelf Life and the Effects

I wonder if you have ever really took the time out to comprehend what Shelf Life means. Why? Because nearly every thing on this planet has a shelf life. How you say? Well wouldn’t you say nearly everything eventually expire, go bad, etc? In a sense so does living things, but our focus will be skincare items/necessities. Shelf Life is the length of time that a commodity may be stored without becoming unfit for use or consumption. It applies to foods, beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and many other perishable items. In some regions, an advisory best before, mandatory use by, or freshness date is required on packaged perishable foods. Now until we move further lets first allow this to sink into our subconscious mind.

Why the definitions?

To know is the best thing one can hold. In that manner it takes away assumption. LoL. Let me keep this as simple as possible. We use necessities every day. 99% of the time we assume that since we need a certain something the concept of it should he ignored. WRONG!Self Life Everything is a factor and everything matters. If it did not there wouldn’t be classes of things. Classes? Yes! i.e.: Purified vs Non-purified water. Chicken vs Grass fed Chicken. Non-Organic vs Organic. Do you get the picture? This stuff matters. The option is there for you to make, some just choose to let the decision be made for them. Now I am not saying panic and immediately take heed….Well. I am, but I’m not. Today would be a good day to begin a conscious way of life, but it takes time. Everything is a transition. As long as you are transitioning that is the factor. Okay back to the topic at hand…..

What are the ingredients placed in these shelf life items that enables them to sit on a shelf for 6 months up to two years? Lets take a look:

  • With respect to health the microbiological stability has first priority for the shelf life specification. Hence, new products are closely scrutinized and microbiologically tested with problematic germs already during the development phase. And by the way, this applies for preserved as well as non-preserved products.The assumption that non-preserved products will earlier contaminate than preserved ones exclusively applies for ampoules which can only be stored for a few days in the refrigerator after opening.
  • Non-preserved means, that none of the preservatives listed in the Appendix of the Cosmetic Decree (potentially sensitizing substances) are contained in the product. Alcohol or substances with alcoholic hydroxyl groups (glycols, sorbitol etc.) as well as water phases with high osmotic pressure (hypertonic) also stabilize the products however without a sensitizing potential worth mentioning.
  • Long term effects may become a risk when preservatives from container materials (plastic, seals) are absorbed or e.g. the alcohol evaporates after opening of the products, and as a result the alcohol content gradually falls short of the microbiologically effective concentration. The manufacturer is required to accurately test this and subsequently adjust the shelf life of the products.

Based on the results of the microbiological tests it is decided whether the products are appropriate for bottling in dispensers or also in jars. Oleogels i.e. water free products are very stable in microbiological respect as germs cannot survive in this environment.

Concluding, the sensory changes should also be mentioned as e.g. the fact that volatile perfumes may evaporate, be absorbed by the container materials or that perfume substances may react with each other or with atmospheric oxygen or water. The manufacturer has to decide, what still is acceptable for consumers during the product’s lifespan.

It is self-evident however that products with sensitive vitamins and extracts (shelf life up to 30 months) should only be used over a short period of one, two or three months.

Summing it up

Products with a quite extended shelf life usually contain substances which are highly stable in chemical and microbiological respect. The more physiological the products are the more sensitive substances are contained and hence, the shorter the shelf life. This can also be experienced with groceries: food which is rich in vitamins cannot be found in cans with a long shelf life.

Dr. Hans Lautenschläger 

The skin is our body’s largest organ. Let that sink in for a minute for those who allow the choice to be made for them of what goes on/in their organ/skin. “I make my own choices.” Okay so you are choosing to place and use these harmful chemicals onto your body? Oh don’t worry this INformation is to the so called healthy/unhealthy… I Love Younutrients absorbed internally are provided first to the most vital organs making our skin the last to receive these vitamins and minerals. It’s not only on the inside that counts, but the outside as well. Our bodies absorb directly into the bloodstream close to 60% of the topical products with which the skin, our largest organ, comes into contact. It is time to become aware because we should care. Take responsibility, govern Self. Whatever is in that shelf life item, you are taking on. As long as that preservative can hold that shelf item is as long as it can possibly dwell inside of your temple/body. Be your own preservative give your body life. Feed your body nutrient rich natural skin care products instead of chemical products that introduce unwanted toxins into your system.

Become more aware of what you do. If you say your good regardless then hey…do you. Nothing is holding you back but Self. Sooner or later you WILL care. It’s better to be PREpared. Eating right is just the beginning. Being right is just a step. But KNOWING right is the best you can be! To Know is to glow. Just think of how bright the Sun, Stars, and Moon shine. That is what you call a clean aura!

ME natural all natural necessities has made this a mindFULL thought since day 1. I, under/inner/overstood why shelf life is important prior to this article. This is something I comprehended in the Manifest of ME natural. I care about myself enough to care about the individual You. Many of ME natural essential toiletries have a respectable shelf life, which include ‘Use by” dates. If you don’t choose to Manifest natural Energy, manifest your OWN energy in general. This article is to bring awareness to Self. GET RIGHT! I love you, now love YourSELF!

By: Rafaela

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