Is Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Good For Teeth

Is activated charcoal toothpaste good for your teeth? Or should the question be is activated charcoal toothpaste safe for teeth. This answer is to the point because activated charcoal toothpaste has unique properties that makes using it to whiten teeth effective. Keep in mind there is more to know…

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Activated charcoal toothpaste good for your teeth with being effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that results in staining the teeth. This makes activated charcoal toothpaste a natural teeth whitener by binding with the toxins and not neutralizing the them. This is the outcome of whiter teeth.

So is activated charcoal good toothpaste for teeth? Well because teeth do not replenish or regrow, using any ‘undiluted’ substance could potentially wear down the enamel and may detrimental. Therefore it is important to not use activated charcoal alone, and undiluted, on teeth. Especially when using a bristled toothbrush and brushing the teeth.

The pro is that activated charcoal on teeth exists in its porosity, while the con resides in the wear of the teeth through abrasiveness from direct use of charcoal to teeth. Abrasion of the teeth is when the enamel and dentin wear away over time from abnormal process.

Once the soft dentin in your teeth is exposed, abrasion happens at a faster rate and your oral health is more readily compromised. Protecting your tooth enamel helps maintain a healthy smile and lowers your risk for disease.

When performing oral hygiene at home, avoid abrasion from applying too much force while brushing. Steer away from using hard bristled toothbrushes and foreign substances. Knowing is activated charcoal good or safe for teeth when it comes to direct use for teeth whitening, discretion is advised. Possible suffered erosion can happen due to the overuse of activated charcoal unpractically undiluted.

For safe results of activated charcoal use in toothpaste on teeth consider using with diluted in teeth aiding ingredients (like ME natural charcoal toothpaste) or smearing the undiluted product on your teeth instead of brushing it on. This allows the product to effectively whiten the teeth without harming the enamel. Is activated charcoal toothpaste good for your teeth or is activated charcoal toothpaste safe for teeth, the answer is YES!

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